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Ireland – The Leading Jurisdiction for SPVs

Ireland is the leading European jurisdiction for SPVs, structured finance and securitised structures. With a network of specialist service providers, such as directors, advisers, listing agents and trustees, the industry in Ireland supports and services the widest range of structured finance deals.

Ireland is an international jurisdiction that is a member of the EU and of the OECD. SPVs are established as companies in Ireland, and are subject to Irish laws, regulations and tax, which provide security, certainty and protection for investors.

Q1-2019 Snapshot

Number of Irish SPVs: 2,377

  • Assets of Irish SPVs: €761 billion
  • Irish share of euro area FVC vehicles: 27.2%
  • Percentage of SPVs launched in last 3 years: 53%
  • Local economic contribution from SPVs: €411 Million
  • Local employment due to SPVs: 2,725 jobs

View the most recent Irish SPV report, courtesy of Atlantic Star:

Irish SPVs: The Centre of the IFS Ecosystem

Irish SPVs are part of a wider global industry where:

  • 91% of Irish SPVs have been set up by international sponsors
  • The US and UK account for 45% of Irish domiciled SPVs
  • The vast majority of assets and liabilities are located outside of Ireland

In addition to securitisation structures and debt securities, the SPV framework supports and underpins the other main international financial services sectors in Ireland including aircraft leasing, investment funds and reinsurance by enabling companies in these industries to establish financing companies and manage risk appropriately through the deployment of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

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